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Renewal of Vows

One of the most popular and special ceremonies I can deliver as a celebrant is the renewal of vows. 


Vows form the very centre of a wedding ceremony. They are when you make your promises to one another and open your heart and soul to your partner.

To renew your vows is therefore often a really poignant moment in time.  To reaffirm your love for your partner before family and friends, or perhaps simply with just the two of you, is such a beautiful thing to do. 


There can be many reasons to prompt you into doing a renewal - a milestone anniversary, a life-changing event that has made you want to let each other know how important you are to each other, or simply an excuse to have a big family party with you as a couple at the heart of the day.  Whatever the reason, let Silver Hare Celebrations create the perfect ceremony on your behalf.

Senior Gay Couple

'All You Need is Love'

John Lennon 1967

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